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As of 7/5/2020, my current wiki home is now in Notion - I keep this redirect up-to-date:

So pleased Notion brings forth the "notion" of all my inquiries in the [discussion] tab together:

  • central dashboard across communities
  • encouraging "the wiki way"
  • project/task infrastructure
  • concurrent editing of pages
  • SEO optimization available for published pages w pro plan (free for educators!)
  • advanced structures like embedding lightweight relational databases
  • visual reorganization of pages between different spaces

I continue to maintain my online brain/autobiography since I started it in 2010:

so happy things are converging after our Plone in Omidyar died & we lost our discussions, Rizzoma not really gaining much traction, Google not doing much in regards to helping us harvest data in G Suite, and both Tiddlyspace & Wikispaces closing their doors :(

Very grateful WikiIndex exists for all of us to come back home too & share our explorations!

I realize Mediawiki maintains history and purposely leaving some context below.


thread that got me here :)

activity I've been engaging with the Asia CommonsAsia Commons

my contribution to the commons

case study on what happens when communications go out of control and wikis can come to the rescue! :)

Asia Commons/Enrollment