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Hello Everybody!

I am boring, me, myself, and I. I am a 16 year old from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I am the administrator/owner of the Travian Wiki[1], and a super moderator at MediaWiki User's. I spend most of my time in school, doing homework, or playing with wiki's (What do you expect?).

The Travian Wiki is just that, a wiki on the browser game Travian. I played it over the summer, and as I became a bit bored with it, day in day out, I eventually quit. Now I just watch the wiki for errors and spam (not so much for spam, not that I added CAPTCHA, a new feature of 1.6.x). I get about 16,000 page-views daily on my wiki, even though it only has like 125 legitamate pages.

I found this site ages ago in this thread, and it has really progressed since. I am truly amazed, and wondering where you got your wiki list from!

I haven't actually done much in terms of modifying MediaWiki. Today I created a skin for a guy, and a while back I created an IPB skin to match MediaWiki. I am also starting up a new wiki that I customized a little.

A bit about me, see you around, -- Chris 22:59, 4 May 2006 (EDT)