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I am Escyos. I run an independent Stargate Wiki and a multitude of other wikis on (which I am in the process of adding to the site.)

I was once a wikia editor but left when they forced users to use their skin and revealed their true intentions to screw over the people who made them popular in exchange for money. As such I feel that anyone who uses wikia is an idiot, that plus SOOO many of their wikis are shithouse because too many people add to them and most of their changes are unchecked.

I moved to ShoutWiki who were good but then several crashes showed me that they too were not the host for me. I initially moved my stargate wiki to an independent host and it was great before finally moving my other wikis to Wikkii. ShoutWiki too became like wikia when they refused to remove my wikis despite saying that they would do such things if users asked. They banned me (for being hacked) and removed my adminship everywhere, putting my wikis up for adoption...which never took place.

Wikkii suffered some serious downtime so I am moving all my TV related wikis to TVwiki, but others are staying on Wikkii.

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