Felix Pleşoianu

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Felix Pleşoianu
Gender: Male
Other names: Felix
Nationality: Romanian
ro-N This person is a native Romanian speaker.
en-4 This person is a near native English speaker.
fr-2 This person is an intermediate French speaker.
Residence: Romania
Home wiki(s): Felix Pleşoianu Wiki (former) Felix Writes (personal), WabiSabi, RPG Design Patterns
Editing status: Active
Pers. website: http://Felix.Plesoianu.ro
Contact(s): name[{at}]Gmail.com
I'm an administrator here on WikiIndex,
talk to one of us  :-)

Felix Pleşoianu is mainly interested in wikis as a technology, as opposed to a social phenomenon.

I decided to register on WikiIndex after I spent an evening identifying wiki engines for several entries. It was lots of fun.

I started by working on certain unknowns, such as engines and wiki status. Nowadays I do mostly patrolling and adding new wikis.

Favourite wiki engines: DokuWiki, Oddmuse, PmWiki, TiddlyWiki.

Wikis I own or manage: WabiSabi, RPG Design Patterns, Felix Pleşoianu Wiki (original personal) Felix Writes (subsequent personal).

I might be sleeping !!! My current time is :