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Hello! This is my me page!

wikilink.png For some reason this wiki doesn't use the User: namespace, so, hey, I'll go along with whatever. I don't currently have a photo of myself (no digital camera + faulty scanner = no photo) so my avatar will have to make do! Despite outward appearances this character is not from a Zelda game, but instead the aptly-named Wiki: Master of Tales MMO. I don't play it, but I like this Link lookalike! I'm currently most active by far at StrategyWiki, where I've authored several video game guides.

I have a lot of experience with MediaWiki and it's my wiki engine of choice. You can tell this by my fancy table usage and knowledge of MediaWiki configurations. I mean, try to click on the picture above. Go on, click it! Ha, see? No Image: page at all!

As for what other wikis I edit on, here's a sort of WikiNode or whatever it is people call it. This list isn't complete so don't be surprised if I've missed several significant wikis I've worked at.

Active (many visits and/or contributions lately)–last updated March 14, 2006[edit]

wiki edits as role activity / notes
English Wikipedia Master Thief Garrett Sysop not as active as elsewhere, but still spotted now and then
Gameinfo (Wikia) Garrett Bureaucrat mostly reverting linkspam lately :(
Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages Garrett Sysop moving and formatting the older pages, posting the occasional news story
Wikibooks Garrett Sysop moving video game guides to StrategyWiki due to policy changes
StrategyWiki Garrett Bureaucrat importing and generally running things since echelon's so busy with DSmeet

Inactive (few or no contributions lately)–last updated March 14, 2006[edit]

wiki edits as role activity / notes
Oblivion Mod Wiki Garrett I forget I helped add mods during the initial stages, now it's pretty much self-sufficient
Wikireview (Wikia) Garrett co-founder I set this wiki up (it wasn't my idea, but I did the stylesheet and a few other things)
Wikimedia Commons Garrett contributor I occasionally upload media for use on other Wikimedia sites
Open Game FAQs Garrett Sysop I had high hopes for this, but it died; The End
BluWiki Garrett none dumping ground; I test formatting etc. here before using it on other wikis