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WikiStats v2.2 at WMCloud[edit]

Using {{Wikistats v2.2-project}}

Example entries for wiki 'projects'

Using {{Wikistats v2.2-project|mw|MediaWikis (independent)|over 12,100 independent MediaWiki-powered}}

And {{Wikistats v2.2-project|os|openSUSE wikis|openSUSE}}

WikiStats v2.2 project listings[edit]

  1. wpWikipedias
  2. wtWiktionaries
  3. wqWikiquotes
  4. wbWikibooks
  5. wnWikinews
  6. wsWikisources
  7. wyWikivoyages
  8. wxWMSpecials
  9. wiWikia
  10. etEditThis
  11. wrWikitravel
  12. mwMediaWikis
  13. mtMetapedias
  14. scScoutWiki
  15. osOpenSUSE
  16. unUncyclomedias
  17. wfWikiFur
  18. anAnarchopedias
  19. siWiki-Site
  20. neNeoseeker
  21. wvWikiversity
  22. reReferata
  23. roRodovid
  24. lxLXDE
  25. swShoutWiki
  26. w3W3C
  27. gaGamepedias
  28. sfSourceForge
  29. mhMiraheze

Wikistats v2 (WMF)[edit]

Fully utilise {{Wikistats v2}}

Wikistats v1 (WMF)[edit]

Fully utilise {{Wikistats v1 Sitemap-non-Wikipedia}}, {{Wikistats v1 Summary-Wikipedia-only}}, {{Wikistats v1 Summary-non-Wikipedia}}, {{Wikistats v1-tables-Wikipedia-only}}, {{Wikistats v1-tables-non-Wikipedia}}, {{Wikistats v1-charts-Wikipedia-only}}, {{Wikistats v1-charts-non-Wikipedia}} (mutante)[edit]

Now hosted on Miraheze, but still using its own custom domain.


Clean up[edit]

Semantic data options[edit]

Need to correctly define a couple of data properties, as highlighted at Special:BrowseData/All?_single. Also trim some of the spurious engine categories.

Wikis to check/add/fix/split[edit]



Some templates in need of creation:

Licence templates[edit]

Create some templates for usage of various licences, and image tagging templates. On the UBC Wiki, this page about Creative Commons licenses has many examples, including dual licencing. This page at Rightpedia has templates for image licencing. This category on the Miraheze Commons has many good examples of licence banners.