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Gender: Female
Other names: JenniferForUnity
Nationality: American
Language(s): English
Residence: United States
Home wiki(s): Unity Wiki
Editing status:
Pers. website:

Welcome to my page. Please talk to me... or take a gander at my contribs :-)

My name is Jennifer. I generally wasn't the sort to login to other webpages much until I got involved in net politics in June of 2006, at which time I started the Unity Wiki and the Unity Supporters web forum just sorta to see if anything would come of it...

General wiki community[edit]

I've learned a bunch about wikis since then though despite running one I'm still by no means an expert on the subject.

Here are some of my other wiki logins where I use JenniferForUnity:

What I'm doing here[edit]

Aside from plugging my wiki I thought it would be good to help out a bit. Not a lot, but a bit :-)

I've worked a little on the category system because when I tried to aptly categorize my wiki I ended up making it one of the top couple wikis in terms of categorical inclusion. I was just having trouble figuring out where it really belonged :-) So I'm responsible for the template:CategoryDiscussions where I was trying to help "gel" some ideas that seem to be floating on a bunch of different pages into some more comprehensive content on categories that could inform some category revisioning... that could lead eventually to wikis like mine not feeling like the should be including themselves in every single category "just to be safe".

A brief plug[edit]

Unity Wiki logo

So obviously I'm here to plug the Unity Wiki. It's inspired by Unity08 (Wikipedia) and one of the weaknesses of the movement... it doesn't have many wiki people yet :-)

I'd really appreciate it if the kind of people that swing by this wiki... that is I'd really appreciate it if you would check out (and the sister discussion community at ) to see if there's anything there that gets you politically excited. The ultimate goal is to pull of a net based political revolution in 2008 with an online convention and a commitment to unifying issues like improving the welfare of Americans. The big gripe is that politicians seem to be happier stroking America's factional identities with policies addressing the recognition (or dissing) of christian/queer/racial groups in ways that can't help but anger significant numbers of people.

The Unity Movement is worried about this divisive stuff taking attention away from (1) a ballooning national debt, (2) collapsing fish stocks, and (3) a looming energy shortage that's unprecedented in the history of human civilization among many other issues where the US government seems to simply be failing to govern.

If values like Pragmatism, Civility, Inclusion, Compromise, and Transparency turn you on, please please please check out the Unity Movement.