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About Morten Blaabjerg[edit]

Among many other things, I am a teacher, historian and media producer. Along the way I've also launched a number of entrepreneurial web projects. For many years, I've tried to build a professional life as a filmmaker and media producer, but for every project, I reached distribution bottlenecks or editorial filters which were in the way. Much of what I've worked with on the web has been about exploring opportunities to eradicate such bottlenecks and filters.

In 2004 I co-founded, a Danish wiki dedicated to cultural projects and networks around media production (primarily film & tv production). needed a financial model as well as a p2p model for sharing large files (GB's of data). We found no obvious tools which could help us, so I decided to found a new company, dedicated to these problems, not just for, but for other niche producers and online platforms as well.

In 2007 I was the founder and CEO of Kaplak, a startup which grew out of, dedicated to helping digital niche producers on the "slim end of the long tail" reach their online markets. Kaplak organized much of the company's work around it's own wiki, the Kaplak Wiki, which never really took off, however, as the company never succeeded in establishing a working business model.

In 2010 turned into NotatWiki, a new wiki built upon the remains of the old near-abandoned wiki, but with a redefined purpose to reflect it's actual use : as a repository of notes which would otherwise be lost.