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Hi. My wiki is the S23-Wiki.

I am working on Wiki Statistics for Wikimedia projects.

You can see my current lists in different formats (html, wikisyntax, csv) here:

Currently I am going through Category:MediaWiki to add other non-Wikimedia MediaWikis for this new list.

You can help me out by using this form to add more wikis from Category:MediaWiki. There is also an alphabetic list of the wikis that are already added.

Only Mediawikis can be added which provide raw, text-only stats on a page like Special:Statistics?action=raw or title=Special:Statstics&action=raw. Example: [1]

This is the case for Mediawikis up from a certain version (i think from 1.5) on. Mediawikis that cannot be added because they dont know "action=raw" yet are definately old versions that should badly be updated for unrelated security reasons anyways.

You can add requests for changes / updates to S23-Wiki on the page Wikistats/ToDo

On 23C3 stayed at Mattis place. Was nice.

50 newest pages added to Category:MediaWiki[edit]

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