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I tried to improve articles on this wiki. My reward: getting reverted and blocked without an explanation, because I dared touch something written by a power-abusive paranoid loser who sees trolls in everyone around her and can't write two coherent sentences. She also epic fails at humor. (backup link)

And what did the admins do? Ignore it, then long after the conflict is over, one bureaucrat decides to remove all content from all the pages that might in some way be related, even the ones where there was absolutely no conflict, then lock the pages and require 3 sysops and 3 users involved in the conflict to agree before moving the material back.

NEWSFLASH: You don't have that many users any more.

Then I got wikilawyered by a concern troll whose only joy in life seems to be arguing the exact opposite of everything I say.

And I apologize for the wandal spree, it was not a smart thing to do.

To readers[edit]

If you are reading an article on this wiki, you should look up the wikipedia entry if there is one. If there isn't, you should try the wiki's own "about us" page - sometimes it may be full of lies (see Conservapedia), but most of the time you'll get more accurate information there.

To other editors[edit]

Don't waste your time.


In the presence of people possessing common sense, I normally allow other users to edit my user page. Sadly, this wiki is no such a place, so to make it absolutely clear to our dear wikilawyer:

You may NOT edit this page.

Thank you.