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Philip Neustrom
Gender: Male
Other names:
Nationality: American
Language(s): English
Residence: California, USA
Home wiki(s): Encycla, LocalWiki
Editing status: Active
Pers. website:
Contact(s): name{[at]}
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Philip Neustrom is a software engineer living in California, United States of America. Currently working on Encycla, a better way to share knowledge on the web.

Previously, Neustrom was co-founder of non-profit LocalWiki and co-founder of DavisWiki (used by 90% of Davis, California residents). Prior to LocalWiki, he also created the Sycamore wiki engine, and in 2006 co-founded the Wiki Spot wiki farm.

Neustrom programs computers, and likes sunshine, mathematics, and burritos.

(Previous account had a typo in name.)