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A user page is a page on a wiki, usually found within a specific namespace such as User:, that contains information about individual wiki users. On wikis which use only real names, said user pages will be about real people, using their real name; whereas on wikis which have no requirement for real names, user pages may be created under either their logged-in pseudonym or their real name.

Typically, the user page is reserved for the user themself to edit, although some users, e.g. Jimbo Wales, state on their user pages that they are okay with other users making edits (as had been the wiki community standard for six years prior to the Wikipedia software). Wikimedia Foundation wikis may have blanket policies stating user pages may only be edited by their user, whereas other wikis may have a policy which freely allows folks to edit others user pages, as is the case here on WikiIndex. However, irrespective of what blanket policy may be in force, it would always be a good idea, and good manners to respect the desires of the actual wishes of the user regarding their own user pages.

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