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UxieLover1994 (real name: Amy) is a founder of Ratchetpedia and a regular contributer to the Kingdom Hearts Wiki, Spyropedia and StrategyWiki. She was born in 1994. Her username comes from Uxie, a Legendary Pokémon.

Uxie was originally a member of Wikia. She created her account at the Sims Wiki in February 2010, but soon settled at the Kingdom Hearts Wikia. Shy at first, she had trouble settling in, but soon made friends and became a regular contributer. She soon found stumbled upon the Spyro Wiki, and began to contributed to it regularly, and finally adopted it on July 9 that same year. Five days later, she started her Spyro Era videos to celebrate her adoption; it would be cancelled in late 2012 out of regret.

Trouble came when Wikia announced their new skin, nicknamed Oasis by the media. The skin was panned by most of the site, including by Uxie, but Wikia's staff ignored their complants and put in the skin, at the same time removing the popular Monaco skin. Uxie attempted to move the Spyro Wiki to ShoutWiki, but problems with the site's servers forced her to abandon the site. At the same time, the Kingdom Hearts Wiki left Wikia to form SEIWA. Uxie followed them, and began to use her arenero to help with their walkthroughs.

Uxie later went to Spyropedia, but soon, the site began to have troubles with their servers. Uxie cannot take the problems any further, and finally returned to Wikia. However, on her return, she and the other admins began to fight, and her ideas for the wiki were met with negative responce. Her admin rights were revoked twice, but she protested the unfairness that she went through, recalling a friend who went through a similar thing at the Kingdom Hearts Wiki. In May 2012, she left the site for good, explaining that she needs to get away from the dysfuntinal wiki she created.

In 2011, Uxie began to have ideas on a new Independent Wiki Alliance for wikis relating to Sony Computer Entertainment. With the help of a friend, she founded Ratchetpedia in March 2012, and has been working hard on it since.

Uxie celebrated her 18th birthday June 1st, 2012. But due to a mental condition she developed when she was young, she matures slower than most people, and currently has the maturity of a 13-year-old (ironically, she is said to resemble a 25-year-old woman). However, her maturity's pritty impressive compared to most people her age with the same problems, as they tend to act more like 9-year-olds at age 18.

As of January 2014, Uxie, now nearing her 20th birthday, remains at the KHWiki, but is now a regular contributor of Bulbapedia and Nookipedia, as well as TV Tropes. She has not been active at Ratchetpedia much, but still keeps an eye on it in the hopes of one day reviving it.