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A vandal is someone who commits vandalism to a wiki; specifically: any purposeful addition, removal, or change of content, in a deliberate attempt to compromise the integrity of a wiki. This kind of action is seen as disruptive to the goals of the wiki, and is a fundamental breach of the conventional ethos of a wiki, in that it contradicts the community spirit.

Vandalism on a wiki should not be tolerated; and should any existing person of our community notice any vandalism, they should (a) 'undo' any page edits which constitute vandalism, (b) tag the offending user page with the warning banner {{vandal}}, and (c) notify an active sysop.


"Very nice site!" vandal[edit]

Nemo bis writes, "This is an extremely common comment spam pattern on blogs (perhaps even the most common nowadays). Usually they include a link to their website, I don't know if for clicking or for pagerank. It's possible that there is no specific aim for mediawiki and they're just posting the same stuff everywhere (failing to post an URL because there is no "website" field for "comments" in MediaWiki)."