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(As of: 06 December 2012)


VOIP Wiki, from voip-info.org is a reference guide to all things VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol).

This wiki (which contains advertising) covers everything related to Voice over IP, which allows broadband users to replace their existing voice telephone connections by Internet telephony to set up private branch exchanges, call directly to other VoIP users over Internet for free, subscribe local numbers from one city while residing elsewhere and make long-distance calls to conventional telephones at prices far below those of regular telephone companies. VoIP works by harnessing the Internet's ability to efficiently and inexpensively move large amounts of data over great distances.

The voip-info wiki includes one of the largest collections of information on configuring the Asterisk open-source PBX under Linux, as well as much about VoIP in general. Software, hardware, service providers, reviews, configurations, standards, tips and tricks, and everything else related to voice over IP networks, IP telephony and Internet Telephony.

See also[edit]

VoIP software-related wikis[edit]

VoIP-related service wiki[edit]

  • e164.org — e164.org is a public ENUM service that lets people stuff their regular telephone numbers into a public name server. This enables Voice over IP calls (and more!) to be made over the Internet using a regular telephone number. – http://www.e164.org/wiki/
  • SIP Broker Wiki — info on the SIP Broker proxy server, a utility which allows IP direct-dial to hundreds of other open VoIP sites and servers using one of a list of *nnnn + number codes – http://faq.sipbroker.com/tiki-index.php