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Backups: 2014-03-14
For its former MoinMoin-powered wiki site, see: ESW Wiki.
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W3C Wiki – this wiki is for connecting the World Wide Web Consortium, aka W3C communities ( Web developers, implementers, people who make the W3C specifications). The W3C has a formal track for making standards specifications. The specs answer a lot of questions, but not all of them. The wiki is used by many communities such as the Open Web Platform and the Semantic Web. You might want to contribute to W3C work.

Pages here have no formal status but may have WikiConsensus. Questions & answers here may be misleading, or just plain wrong. Or, they may be useful. You are welcome to add, fix, develop and rearrange topics.

W3C invites the public to edit this wiki. W3C Membership is not required, but you must have an account. Request a Public W3C Account to get started. Note that you must log in with your account in order to edit the wiki.

W3C Wiki uses the MediaWiki wiki engine (v.1.15.5) with the Semantic MediaWiki extension (v.1.5.6).

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