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WTV is a television station from the University of Warwick in England, United Kingdom.

Ever wanted to vision mix a live elections show? Fancy reading the news? Ever wanted to camera op for well known bands to provide visual support? Think you have what it takes to be an actor? Ever wanted to encourage drunk people in the union to perform stunts? Got the skills to be an editor, fearlessly creating montages to music?

Fear not, for you have stumbled across Warwick's very own student TV station. Currently WTV is on its summer holidays at the moment, however at the start of October we will be up and running again with more fantastic programming. At the moment we broadcast all of our shows 'on demand' on the internet on this very website you are looking at and most days in Cholo bar at 4pm. However in the near future WTV may soon be broadcasting directly into halls kitchens on Channel 6. Exciting stuff.

If you are joining the university in October, or simply a returning student who wants to get more involved, there couldn't be a better time as not only are we winning more awards than ever but there are more opportunities than ever before. Previous experience is not required as WTV is available for everyone with even the slightest interest in TV production. Full training and help will be provided in the first term and productions can be made as supervised or as little as you like. Help make one of our existing programmes, or go wild and produce your own. Have it your way.

WTV are an affiliate member of NaSTA, the National Student Television Association

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