Waikato Linux Users Group

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Waikato Linux Users Group
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Founded by: Perry Lorier
Status: Dead
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Main topic: Linux user group
WlugWiki was founded and created by Perry Lorier on 2002-06-26.
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Founded 26 June 2002 as WlugWiki by Perry Lorier as a wiki site for the Waikato Linux Users Group (WLUG). Sometime later, it became known as the New Zealand Linux Wiki, and ultimately as the Waikato Linux Users Group wiki. The wiki provides user contributed information about Linux and related topics in New Zealand. It is a "repository of instructions and operative knowledge" for the Waikato Linux Users Group in the Waikato province of New Zealand.[1]

Waikato Linux Users Group also provides community support to open source and free software, including operating systems and BSD.

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