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Status: Active
Language: English
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Wiki engine: MediaWiki
Wiki license: Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike
Main topic: Sustainability
Wiki size: 37 article pages see stats
(As of: 2016-07-10)

Waterpedia is a wiki based openly-editable (for all registered users) free-content collaborative environmental encyclopedia project initiated by Karthi, for the people in the environment and sustainability sector.

The name WATERPEDIA is a linguistic blend of the words WATER (the elixir of life and the most vital element on the earth) and encycloPEDIA.

Waterpedia runs using the fully customized MediaWiki – the open source wiki engine created by the Wikimedia Foundation that supports and hosts Wikipedia, the oldest, and largest Wikimedia project. Additionally, it is also modernized with FOUNDATION - the most advanced and responsive skin created by Anthom.

In accordance with Waterpedia's environmental motive, this wiki is a carbon neutral website which means that we have attained a carbon offset to balance any greenhouse gas emissions that are created by running this website and its backend operations.

For more details, refer Waterpedia Carbon neutral page

The icon of Waterpedia has a water drop (on the left) intertwined together with a cordiform leaf (on the right) representing the inevitable environmental bond between the water cycle and the living matter. The letter W overlays on the icon, which together with the brand name Waterpedia and the bottom tagline THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF ENVIRONMENT & SUSTAINABILITY forms the logo of Waterpedia