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Status: Archived
Language: Multilingual
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Wiki engine: Wikia
Wiki license: GNU Free Documentation License
Main topic: Internet
Backups: 2012-08-09


WebsiteWiki contained more than 1,000,000 articles about German websites. The initial content was generated from the websites meta infos, but allows for free annotations and extra descriptions. Screenshots of the websites are added to the articles.

In 2009 WebsiteWiki joined Wikia, however it's URL is still In the meantime, versions in other languages came up; such as an English one (171,466 articles, last dump 2012-10-04 [1] [2]) and a a Dutch one (357,179 articles, last dump 2012-10-04 [3]).

It was shut down 2012/09/30 due to very poor wiki concept and disdainful in wiki community support.


WebsiteWiki enthält mehr als 1.000.000 Seiten über deutschsprachige Websites. Die Inhalte sind zunächst aus den Meta-Informationen der Websites generiert, können aber frei mit weiteren Kommentaren und Beschreibungen ergänzt werden. Screenshots der Websites werden automatisch hinzugefügt.

Wiki Size: 1,284,523 pages [No see stats...]

(As of: June 2012 - link)