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What is a wiki — a wiki site is a website where people can quickly and easily add or edit its content, typically by clicking an 'Edit' link, tab or button. Wiki sites are intended to facilitate content creation by encouraging collaboration and cooperation. Unlike content management systems (CMS) that only allow administrators to edit content, pages on a wiki site can usually be edited by anyone, often without creating an account.

In principle, anyone can write whatever they want on this wiki site, but the community of this wiki site expect you to limit your contributions to the topic of this wiki, avoid offensive language, and respect copyright. We keep our wiki site clean, and delete spam and / or other unwanted content in a timely fashion.

For more on wikis, see Wikipedia: Wiki, and CommunityWiki: WhyWikiWorks, and Wikipedia: History of wikis.

Try it out

On any page, click on the Edit link. Don't worry, you won't break it!