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Founded by: Sefer Bora Lisesivdin and Jose Carlos N Medeiros
Status: Needs love
Language: Multilingual, Polish, English, Portuguese, Turkish, Danish, German
Edit mode: Unknown edit mode
Wiki engine: wikepage
Wiki license: GNU General Public License
Main topic: Wiki engine
Wiki size: 44 article pages

Wikepage is a GPL wiki-blog hybrid.

Wikepage is a kind of wiki engine.

Wikepage is easy-to-use, small (under 38911 bytes) wiki software derived from TipiWiki.

Wikepage was apparently originally written in PHP by Sefer Bora Lisesivdin, and is now maintained by Jose Carlos N Medeiros, accepting contributions from around the world.

It runs without a database -- pages are stored as standard text files in one folder, images are stored as standard images files in another folder.

The wikipage.org website is a wiki (running wikepage) that documents the wikepage software.