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The basis for creating The Photography Wiki is to follow the site's simple mission, which is to: actively provide informational text documents (articles) and media files relating to the broader scope of photography in a positive and educational format, delivering a variety of different subject matters that are available for anyone to edit.....and to promote the sharing of knowledge in an environment specifically designed to deliver the recognition of participation, no matter how great or small.

In other words, The Photography Wiki is about creating and sharing information in an open manner for the benefit of all. And that's why we need your help, by adding informative content to this ongoing project and participate in creating a useful resource for anyone with an interest in photography.

Main Links[edit]

If you feel like kicking back a little and browsing then have a look at some of the main areas of the site. These are quite empty at the moment but over time, and with your help if you can spare some time, these areas will become populated with new articles so please be patient.

  • Portals this area is a good place to start. Here you will find all the main areas of the site within easy reach, such as Cameras, Lenses, Accessories, Tips & Tricks, Tutorials, Reviews, Articles and Publications.
  • News this is the place to share your news regarding manufacturers, latest releases, camera models, lenses, reviews, software, tutorials etc., all to help keep us in the know.
  • Galleries: this area is the place to check out some user submitted photos and to upload your own to a growing selection of differently themed galleries.
  • Definitions Notepad this area has been designed to list a comprehensive collection of photography definitions.

Also, have a look at the:

  • Most popular pages to see which articles are drawing attention.
  • Help tutorial which offers some good pointers for those who are new to Wiki.
  • Asking Questions area can also be helpful for advice on where ask your questions or make comments should you have any.

The best thing to do is just check us out!!

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