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(As of: 23 January 2012)

Wiki 4 CAM – Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) Encyclopedia – is an umbrella term for alternative medicine, complementary medicine, and integrative medicine. 'Alternative medicine' describes practices used in place of conventional medical treatments. 'Complementary medicine' describes practices used in conjunction and co-operation with conventional medicine. While 'integrative medicine' is viewed as the best of complementary medicine by its advocates.

Wiki 4 CAM has been started to provide the CAM community their own space where they can build their knowledge base without any undue skeptical diversions. Only CAM practitioners can participate in this wiki.

Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) has been a target of attack through Wikipedia, the worlds' most popular online encyclopaedia. A handful of skeptical editors continue to spread misinformation about CAM therapies by constantly editing wiki content with a biased point of view. To counter this misinformation,, worlds' leading homeopathy portal, has announced a parallel wiki project at, on 9th August 2008.

According to Dr. Manish Bhatia, Director of, nearly all CAM articles on Wikipedia are heavily biased against CAM therapies. Everything that does not fall into the realm of 'modern medicine' has been labeled as pseudo-scientific or unscientific at Wikipedia. Wikipedia is among the top 10 websites globally. Through it millions of people who use internet to search for alternative medicine are being systematically exposed to anti-CAM data. At the time when the world is rushing towards alternative medicine, the effort to sabotage the alternative medicine cannot be ignored. To counter this misinformation, the alternative medicine community needed a place where it can build its own knowledge base without the undue interference of skeptics. It needed a place where the CAM practitioners themselves write articles and create a true picture of its history, development, efficacy and positive research.

To ensure that the alternative medicines is not discredited or disputed unfairly and to create a true encyclopedia for Complementary & Alternative Medicine (CAM),, world’s leading homeopathy portal, has announced a new parallel wiki project at This new wiki will be open only to the practitioners of CAM therapies and intends to create the most exhaustive knowledge base about Alternative Medicine.