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Main topic: Education


Every bit of knowledge we possess is based on some other bit of knowledge, or else upon some assumption. For example, to understand the concept of "Prime Numbers", one must first comprehend "Division" and "Multiplication". In order to grasp "Multiplication", one must comprehend "Addition". Finally, to comprehend "Addition", one must understand what a "Number" is.

It is on this premise that WikiGuru is founded. The idea is to create a so-called "tree of knowledge" in order to facilitate the learning process: all human knowledge is atomized and converted into lessons. Each lesson is built on previous, more fundamental lessons, until the limit of human knowledge is reached.

Therefore, if one wishes to learn about prime numbers, on would first study the lessons Numbers, Addition & Subtraction, Multiplication & Division, and then Prime Numbers, in that order.

For an example of how WikiGuru works, we invite you to look over the Numbers page and move on from there. Think you can do it better? Please do! This is a Wiki, and you are more than welcome to advance the state of affairs here!