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As of 14:44, 10 April 2015 (UTC), the wiki site for this WikiHumor article appears to be down and unable to be connected to.
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Status: Dead
Language: Polish
Edit mode: OpenEdit
Wiki engine: MediaWiki
Wiki license: No license
Main topic: Humor
Wiki size: unknown size see stats
(As of: DD Month 2014)

As of August 2008, WikiHumor was a wiki with many jokes, but also filled with bot created links to spam sites. The front page itself was not protected, so is usually filled with links of this sort, but a button of "links" is available, through which one can reach many lists of jokes, some original.

Since no sorting or voting exists, it is impossible to know if the page is an actual joke, joke list, or just another link to a spam site.

Old description

WikiHumor is a Polish-language parody of the Polish Wikipedia.

Page displays "has a problem" since weeks and is not accessible.

Clean humor page

WikiHumor has a Clean Humor page, (August 2008) with links to internal and external clean humor, but since the WikiHumor is not protected in any way, that page itself cannot be verified to contain its content for long.

Reactivation 02.03.2012 on the Wikkii wiki farm at, closed because of the shutting down of Wikkii.