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WikiIndex:Add a Wiki (with boxes)

Step 1 – check if it's already listed here[edit]

Search here on this WikiIndex wiki for the actual wiki site you have an interest with, to ascertain if that wiki is already listed here. We already have quite a big index. Try some alternate names of your wiki site (e.g. with or without the word 'wiki' on the end). If you find your site listed here, there is no need to add it again! Just edit the existing information, or maybe create a redirect page!

If your wiki site is not listed here on WikiIndex, go to step 3 to add your wiki site by creating a new article page for it.


Regarding the logo for your wiki site, please use step 1 again to search for its logo or wordmark. However, please prefix your term in the search box with File: – to ensure you search only for existing files. You may also search via the files upload log, or maybe the logo was deleted. All wiki logos should be included in category: WikiLogo, or any of its sub-categories; though it is important to note that many logo files have not been categorised.

If your logo is not listed here on WikiIndex, you may use the upload function, but you must be logged in. Please ensure you also use the {{WikiLogoOf}} which will auto-categorise your logo accordingly; specifically: {{WikiLogoOf|page name of wiki article}}.

Step 3 – create the new wiki article page[edit]

Create a new article page using our Form:Wiki