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This WikiIndex:Biographies of living persons person article is a Wiki person 'stub'. If you like exploring Wiki people articles and researching their bios, you can help by expanding this stub article, thanks.  :-)

Biographies of living persons as listed here on WikiIndex should be factually accurate, balanced, and without any bias. The content should ideally include details of said persons' activity and achievements in the wider wikisphere, and could also include their personal development path that enabled and / or facilitated their contribution to the wikishpere. That could therefore mean their education, employment (including any internships, cultural exchanges, apprenticeships, thesis, publications, speeches, lectures and conferences), and could also include any relationship details – professional and / or personal, if said relationship is significant or notable within the wiki-world.

Under no circumstances should there be any defamatory or derogatory content. A plausible exception would be if the user in question has become so infamous as to be a public figure.

A simple, yet specific guideline which will help assess the suitability of included content here on WikiIndex is that the said information be already available in the 'public domain'.

Finally, should any person request their information be removed, we must respect their request, any comply with any 'take down' legislation wishes.