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WikiIndex:Creating new article pagesde: WikiIndex:Erstellen von neuen Artikelseiten, fr: WikiIndex:Création de nouvelles pages de l'article

Most of the articles created in this WikiIndex wiki will be about other individual wikis. Please refer to WikiIndex:Add a Wiki for further detailed information and instructions on how to create new article pages specifically for other wikis only, which uses a pre-formatted data collection form.

Articles on other wiki-related topics (ie, an article which doesn't refer to an actual wiki) are also appropriate: about wiki people, the software powering wikis which is known as a wiki engine, wiki terms, wiki farms, wiki ideas, and how to use this wiki.

Before proceeding, please review:

Here is a very generic description of adding an article

An 'article' is a page of information about a given wiki, and its subject matter or topic. At one end of the spectrum, article pages can be 'snippets' of information, and would usually be categorised as a 'stub' article; whereas at the other extreme, some articles can be up to 12,000 characters (or even larger, if the subject matter of the wiki can support more information here on WikiIndex).

First, search the site to see if there is already an article on the subject. If you use the 'search box' – and have spelled the name the same way as an existing article, it will bring up an existing page on that article. If it is similar, you may find the article you are looking for under 'title matches', or 'page matches', or a 'redirect'. If there is no similar article, then go ahead and create one!

There are two ways to create a new article page on any subject:

  1. When you search for a term that doesn't exist, you land on 'Search results' with "no page title matches". At the top of this page, select the link titled: "create an article with this title". That link takes you to a new "edit page" on which you should enter the information (description) that makes up the article.
  2. The second way is to create a (or click on an existing) "dangling link" (also known as a red link) on another page and then click the link! See WikiIndex:Wiki Links for more.