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WikiIndex:Editing etiquette — the points listed below on this project page are guidelines for being polite, and assuming good faith, when editing here on WikiIndex.

  • Avoid deleting (or nominating for deletion) other people's work; unless it is blatant spam. If you do consider that the work is in need of deletion, add the template {{delete}} at the top of the article, along with a brief explanation. The delete template allows the use of additional text after a 'pipe' (|) – for example: {{Delete|the site is a blog and forum, rather than a wiki}}. The delete template will render a banner on the page, auto-categorise the article into category: Pages for deletion; and will allow a third opinion to consider the issues.
  • When deleting pages or removing content from pages, please explain the reasoning with an informative edit summary.
  • If you must delete, and something you deleted subsequently reappears, do not delete it a second time without first trying to work it out with the other person to reach an acceptable consensus. In accordance with the BRD cycle, the best way to do this is to use the discussion tab on the actual article. If no one responds to your objections within a reasonable timeframe (at least a month here on WikiIndex, longer is perfectly acceptable), then you may assume they accept, or at least acquiesce to your arguments, and remove the content again.
  • When in doubt, walk away; take a wiki vacation. What might seem important now, is usually less important in an hour, a day, a week, or even a month or so!
As an example: the stuff below is a little wacky. I'm going to walk away for a while, and hope it gets sorted out while I sleep.
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