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This WikiIndex: File deletion policy is a draft policy or guideline. Its content may be used, and indeed relied upon on this WikiIndex wiki site. However, it may also be considered open for further discussion on what should or could or even must be done. All WikiIndex users are encouraged to be bold in editing to evolve and improve this draft, and also to contribute to any discussion on its talk page.
If it appears consensus for adoption of this policy has been reached, this message may be removed. If it appears that there is overwhelming consensus to reject this policy, then the page can be annotated as rejected.

WikiIndex:File deletion policynote: this WikiIndex policy page is in its infancy. Please post any suggested ideas to the talk page to collaborate.

WikiIndex hosts images and other media files in order to enhance the textual content of this wiki. These media can provide visual context, and make pages more asthetically appealing. Common deletion reasons are listed at the interface page MediaWiki:Filedelete-reason-dropdown, and include:

Copyright violation
Depending on the license of a certain piece of media, and if someone wants to enforce copyright, we may be obliged to remove someone else's images, sounds, or videos. However, under United States law, we are entitled to host copyright images under a 'fair use' clause.
Author request
Files which have been uploaded by a user, and that same user subsequently asks that it be deleted. This also applies to content in other namespaces.
Duplicated file
Unneeded identical copies of the same image.
Not a wiki logo
Most of the files uploaded here are images, and most of those images are wiki logos. We do not provide free personal hosting for miscellany, and files which are not wiki logos should have a clear justification for existing on this WikiIndex site. It is incumbent upon uploaders to provide a rationale for why we should have files that they place here.
Incorrect image
Factually incorrect, e.g., a logo which is of a different site, or a photograph of a wiki person which is actually a photograph of someone else. However, we must remember that some wiki sites may update their logo, or even change it to be unrecognisable from its predecessor; so in this instance, we do keep said former logos.
Empty file, no image/video
Missing, corrupted, or otherwise blank media.
Content relevant to the mission of WikiIndex, but which is rather patently obscene, or meant to arouse, frighten, or anger even reasonable folks than constructively depicting the topic of a wiki or otherwise supportive in the understanding of its mission.
Other policy violation
A 'catch all' reason not included in any of the above. One example might include a 'take down' request by a recognised law enforcement agency.

File deletion is up to the discretion of an admin, and it is reversible. Accidents happen, and if you feel like a file deletion was unnecessary or an accident, please contact the deleting admin to review.

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