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WikiIndex: Guidelines

  • Participation here in WikiIndex is completely voluntary; we invite you, and we welcome your assistance.
  • Add new wiki site articles, following the naming conventions; such articles are the main content of this wiki!
  • Add a new page for yourself (if you consider yourself a member of this community). It is people who make wikis develop, thrive, and prosper.
  • Add articles explaining terms used to discuss wikis, or other suitable meta-wiki material.
  • Add articles that explain this WikiIndex wiki, and help others understand it. If you see a problem here, try to fix it.
  • Figure out better ways to gather and organize information about all the wikis listed here on WikiIndex, and help us implement them.
  • Creating an account and logging-in is better, but anonymous contributions are also welcome.
  • Recent changes (see list on the left sidebar of every page) is a great way to see who has been doing what around here lately. And we could use everyone's help cleaning up any spam and / or vandalism that all open systems like this can suffer from.
  • Please use the 'Show preview' function when editing, so that you can review what your changes will look like before you save your valued work. And please be sure to fill in the 'Summary' box for each edit, with a succinct, clear blurb; this is how you will communicate with everyone else looking at the Recent changes list, and the 'history' list for the page; how they will know what you did, how they will decide what changes to look at closely. If you forgot what edits you made, click on the 'Show changes' button to review your handy-work.
  • add more here . . .
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