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For the art wiki, see: Happenings.

A WikiIndex:Happening is an open meeting to celebrate and work together as we go forward. [1]


16-May-2006: is WikiIndex's 2nd 60 day mark. Yea!!
16-Mar-2006: is WikiIndex's 60 day mark. Yea!!


First Monday of each month - 9:00pm EST, 8:00pm CST, 6:00pm PST
This is Tuesday 01:00 UTC
Tuesday 8:00am (GMT+7) Bangkok - thank you! ;)


This wiki
Irc freenode - #wikiindex connect
Skype - tedernst, markdilley, rathbone (Raymond King), chinarut
SyncroEdit - in our dreams (i humbly suggest we use writely short term - I can invite everyone to the same page tomorrow)


Present agenda[edit]

Archived agenda[edit]

In process[edit]

Putting the 'add wiki' several places
how we communicate
John look names at leisure. (??)
  • Weblog in MediaWiki - not a weblog in a wiki, rather a weblog that posts to different wiki pages.


while we're working and thinking on them

  • .js functionality
    • admins only possibility?
    • how does wikipedia protect itself?
    • backup procedure
  • linking images using this fancy way tabled as a massive undertaking - fancier) need to make a project for an ambitious person(s).

Tasks done[edit]