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fr: WikiIndex:Nouvelle page pour vous-même, sv: WikiIndex:Ny sida för dig

Step 1 – copy the category tag[edit]

  • Copy the Category tag below
[[Category:Wiki People]]

Step 2 – create your namepage[edit]

  • Type your name in the search box
  • Click the Go button
  • If your name page was not found, create it by clicking on the red link create this page!
  • Paste the Category tag from step 1 into the edit box
  • Enter the appropriate info for your wiki
  • Save the page

Step 3 – upload your picture[edit]

  • You must create a user login before you can upload an image
  • Click on the Upload file link in the lower left hand toolbox
  • Locate your picture file using the browse button
  • Upload the file
  • Copy the page name of the image page
  • Edit your namepage
  • Paste the code below into your page and replace "Image:YourPicture.png" with your image pagename
  • Save the page

Step 4 – create your redirects[edit]

The Cross-Linking Thing.png
  • Click your login name at the very top of any page. That should put you on User:LoginName (with the name you use to log in, instead of LoginName). Edit that page to be only this (replacing YourName with your actual name from Step 2):
#redirect [[YourName]]
  • Save the page
  • Click on the link for your name (from Step 2).
  • Click the discussion tab (just above the page name), putting you on Talk:YourName.
  • Edit that page to be (with the name you use to log in, instead of LoginName):
#redirect [[User talk:LoginName]]
  • Save the page

Step 5 – create your signature[edit]

  • Click on the "Preferences" link at the top of any page.
  • Copy this into the "Your nickname (for signatures)" field (replacing YourName and LoginName with your names):
[[YourName]] | <small>[[User talk:LoginName|talk]]</small>
  • Make sure there is a check mark in the "Raw signatures (without automatic link)" checkbox.
  • Click the Save Preferences button.
  • It's not obligatory to look like that, but make sure:
  1. That it isn't too long
  2. That links to your page and your talk page.

Step 6 (optional) – languages[edit]