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WikiIndex is in the (slow) process of developing a set of explicit guidelines. Until then, our admin team will monitor the wiki, and use their common sense to resolve issues. Where there is a dispute, it will be resolved between the active admins on the site. (Or alternatively a vote amongst the active users.)

At this moment, we only have a couple of rules, which have arisen from and evolved by direct experience:

Spam control policy

Actual commercial spam will be mercilessly deleted, without prior discussion. However, irrelevant content should be instead marked for deletion, using {{delete}}, to allow a review first. One person's 'irrelevant' can be another's 'interesting'.

Edit wars will NOT be tolerated

If you find yourself repeatedly restoring content somebody else keeps deleting (or vice versa): stop – and seek arbitration; ideally initially from our community, and if that fails, from a sysop and/or staff member.

Blocking and banning policy

Needs expanding

For a few more simple guidelines, see: WikiIndex:Editing etiquette and / or WikiIndex:Guidelines. For all other guidelines, see: category:Guidelines.

A discussion of possible policies follows on this articles' talk page. See also WikiIndex talk:Policies and Guidelines. For a more personal and well-thought viewpoint, try user:Lumenos/WikiIndex (unwritten) policies.

Personal article policy

Wiki people articles should be a biography of the person's wiki experience only, and as such, personal information (i.e., birthdays, phone numbers, real names, residence, workplace, etc.) should be excluded – unless said information is already in the public domain.

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