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Holy Frack!

"As soon as we try to describe, precisely, why this particular thing is a center, we find that we have to invoke some kind of description in terms of other centers. In mathematics, such a concept is called recursive. Grasping this idea, and grasping the fact that this bit of understanding is a positive step forward, and not problematic, is the key to understanding wholeness. The apparent circularity here is - I believe - the crux of the problem of wholeness. The reason that deep wholeness (or life) is so mysterious, is that centers are built from centers, wholeness is built from wholeness. Wiki:ChristopherAlexander in ThePhenomenonOfLife p.118"

off of WikiFractality. Thanks Christophe! I bought that book a few months ago, in preperation for GraduateSchool?.

Off of MeatballWiki:WikiFractility - or was it Wiki:ChristopherAlexander... forgot where. This better explains some of my ideas about wiki. My ideas of WikiIndex:Versioning also fits in with these ideas, as well as LionKimbro's CommunityWiki:FederatedWiki idea... MarkDilley