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Here on WikiIndex, if you want to redirect one page to another (ideally) existing page, the information below will help you through this simple process:

Click the word #REDIRECT at the bottom of the edit screen (immediately above the edit summary box), then put the target page to be redirected to inside the double-square brackets.

That puts

 #REDIRECT [[Destination Page]] 

on the page. (Or you could manually type that in yourself — it makes no difference).

The 'redirect' keyword is case-insensitive (but the target page is case-sensitive); you can also write

 #redirect [[Destination Page]] 

Make sure that this line (with the 'hash redirect', etc) is always at the TOP of the edit box — it will not work if even a single blank line or space comes before it in the edit box.

(It may technically 'work' if you add a few lines after it – comments or categories – but why would you put that information on the redirect page, where no one will see it, rather than on the destination page?)

You can also add a category to the redirect page, and it will then be listed in said category – but will be displayed in italics.

Chained redirects (also known as 'double redirects') will not function automatically. The first redirect will execute correctly, in that at will open the first redirected page, but any subsequent redirects will not be carried out – the process stops after the one initial step. This next displayed page, containing another redirect, is merely shown as a link; the user must then click on that 'redirect' link to follow the chain to the ultimate target page. Therefore, each redirect should be constructed to point directly to the proper ultimate target page (see also the list at Special: DoubleRedirects — pitch in and help us get these cleaned up).

I can do that automatically with a bot script, so we never need to worry about it. —  User:Sean Fennel@ 16:00, 6 February 2007 (PST)
He's not online anymore. I think I will try to make a bot script, but I have never succeed. --Zhuyifei1999 (talk) 03:12, 14 April 2013 (PDT)

For an example of a properly-done redirect, see wikiinfo. That mis-spelling, 'wikiinfo', takes you to the (properly-spelled) 'Wikinfo' page, with a tiny note near the upper left -> '(Redirected from Wikiinfo)'. The Wikiinfo will be a link back to the the redirect page, displaying the following URL: .

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