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This page is for the WikiIndex server move of 2014.

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Tasks not done before or during the move[edit]


Is this move to another server, another farm, or also another domain?[edit]

The move is to a new server on a different MediaWiki hosting platform. A different domain (e.g., can be adopted after the move if desired but the domain will remain unchanged during the move. (See WikiIndex:Proposal: domain name change).

The MediaWiki hosting platform we are moving to is owned by Top Level Design. Top Level Design is Ray King's company, and is the .wiki registry operator.

How does it relate to Wiki.Wiki?[edit]

Top Level Design is hosting some friendly wikis on their Wiki.Wiki farm for free. The Wiki.Wiki site is just the landing page for the hosting platform (i.e., wiki farm). There is no reason why Wiki.Wiki would be visible to any visitors to WikiIndex.

  • Can I see an example?

See for an example of a friendly wiki that has been moved to the Wiki.Wiki hosting platform. Notice that there are no references to the fact that it is hosted on the Wiki.Wiki farm anywhere on ICANNWiki.

Can we move to Index.Wiki or another domain name?[edit]

Yes, after the move is complete. See WikiIndex:Proposal: domain name change for that discussion.