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A WikiIndex entry is a page that has encyclopedic information on it. A well-written entry identifies a wiki, wiki person, wiki software application, or wiki idea; summarizes that topic comprehensively; contains references to reliable sources; and links to other related topics. Most entries consist of paragraphs and images, but they may also be formatted as stand-alone lists or tables. These lists or tables are also considered entries for WikiIndex's purposes.

What it should contain[edit]

A WikiIndex entry should contain a description and brief history of the wiki, in order to provide a relatively neutral account that can survive the wiki's going defunct.

Not all of the content need be objective and empirical, though. Casual discussion of a community's norms and values may end up being less encyclopedic and more conversational—this is fine. Entries in WikiIndex shouldn't exist for the sole purpose of defaming or promoting a site, though: this is neither free hosting space for other wiki communities nor is it a message board for gripes and sniping about problems with other wikis.