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A WikiIndex entry is a article page here on WikiIndex that has factual, and ideally encyclopedic information on it. A well-written entry identifies a wiki site, wiki person, wiki software application, wiki 'farm' (hosting provider), or wiki idea; and summarizes that topic comprehensively. All article pages about individual wiki sites will be found in the 'main' namespace, as will wiki people articles. However, dependent on their actual propagation within the wider wikisphere, articles on wiki software and wiki hosts may be found in either the main or the category namespace.

ALL articles about our core interest (wiki sites, wiki software, wiki farms, and wiki people) must be supported by their appropriate infobox. Most article entries consist of paragraphs of prose, and may also include images; they may also be formatted as stand-alone lists, or tables. These lists or tables are also considered entries for WikiIndex's purposes. It is preferred that all articles contain references to reliable sources (especially on wiki sites which may be, or contain contentious subject matter); and being as this is a wiki, it is important to have links to other related topics.

What it should contain

A WikiIndex article entry should contain a description and brief history of the wiki site, in order to provide a relatively neutral account that can survive the wiki's going defunct.

Not all of the content need be objective and empirical, though. Casual discussion of a community's norms and values may end up being less encyclopedic and more conversational; this is fine. Article entries of wiki sites here in WikiIndex should not exist for the sole purpose of defaming or promoting a site, though: this is neither free hosting space for other wiki communities, nor is it a message board for gripes and sniping about problems with other wikis.