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Project Unknowns is the place for those working on fixing up these unknowns to communicate about what there is to do, the progress that we're making, and anything else that comes up around unknowns.


The current Template:Wiki has some default fields that tell us that something is unknown. These are Category:Wiki Edit Mode, Category:YourWikiTopic, Category:YourWikiEngine and Category:Language. For historical reasons, Category:Unknown edit mode, Category:Unknown topic, Category:Unknown engine and Category:Wiki Unknown language also exist and we need to empty them out from time to time, as well as Category:Unknown itself.


Go through lists, adding missing information to each wiki (number in each category on 08Mar06). To encourage others to join us, you can use this edit summary:

Making unknowns known: [[WikiProject:Unknowns|You can help!]]


(these can either be filled in or moved to Unknown engine, Unknown topic, Unknown edit mode or Unknown language)



(need help from people that speak languages other than English)

Edit Mode[edit]

(these need to have edit mode entered)


(these can be difficult in some cases)



(like to categorize? these are for you!)


Put your name here if you're interested in working on Project Unknown.