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WikiIndex: Wikilink — one of the fundamentals of the internet or 'web' is being able to link to other pages or sites on the web. This is especially true for wiki sites, and these links are generally known as a 'wikilink' (or 'wiki link'). This WikiIndex: Wikilink page describes how to create these types of links.

Internal links (linking to another page within this wiki)[edit]

While editing a wiki page, put double square brackets around the text you wish to become a wikilink. Example:

[[Brand New Page]]

will create a new link that will function like this:

Brand New Page

If you want to display a different phrase instead of the actual page name, you can use a pipe (| – next to the left shift key on a Windows keyboard, above the right shift key on an Apple Mac keyboard). The text before the pipe (|) is the actual page name. The text after the pipe is the displayed label for that particular link. For example:

[[Brand New Page|my article page]]

will display like this:

my article page — hover your mouse pointer over this link, and it will still display 'Brand New Page'.
  • If the term that is double bracketed exists as an article in the wiki, then the link will show in blue and be immediately functional.
  • If the term that is double bracketed is not an existing page in the wiki, the link is 'dangling', and shows in red. In a typical website, this might be considered a 'broken' or dead link, but in a wiki, this 'future linking' is simply an invitation for someone to create that needed article by clicking on the red link. Check the Wanted Pages for a list of 'red link' articles that this wiki needs.

Section links[edit]

Large or long web or wiki pages may usually be sub-divided into 'sections' by using section headings. On most wikis, this is done by using two or more = at either end of the section heading. If you wish to link to a particular section (rather than the whole page), you can do so by using the hash (#). So for example, if you wanted to link to the 'Redirects' section at the foot of this page, you would type:

[[WikiIndex:Wiki Links#Redirects]]

which will display: WikiIndex:Wiki Links#Redirects

This can also be piped to display a different or 'neater' name – such as:

[[WikiIndex:Wiki Links#Redirects|Redirects section on WikiLinks]]

displaying: Redirects section on WikiLinks

If you wish to use section links on the same page, you can ommit the page name from the link, as in:


External links (linking to a page on another website)[edit]

While editing a wiki page, put single square brackets around the full URL (including the http://); and the description text you wish to become a link. Example:

[ Official WikiIndex website]

will create a new link that will function like this:

Official WikiIndex website — note the 'double arrow' at the end of this; indicating that it is an 'off-site' link.

Section links detailed above for internal WikiLinks can also work on external link URLs.


Sometimes there may be two or more names, or similar names for the same article; for example, 'ISOC' and 'Internet Society'. It is the practice here on WikiIndex, and at most wiki, to 'redirect one to another', which will automatically open the page of the correct article.

To create a redirect, either click on the #R button above the edit box, or click on #REDIRECT [[]] at the foot of the page, or manually type #redirect – followed by a link (within the double-square brackets) to the page to be redirected to in a blank page. Special rules apply to redirects; please read the redirect article, and try to avoid creating any double redirects, as these do not automatically follow on to the correct page.

Redirects are automatically created when pages are moved using the 'move' tab at the top of the screen for existing pages, unless they are suppressed by a sysop or above.


Displaying a logo (or other image) on an article uses a syntax very similar to the above link syntax. See WikiProject:Logos for details.