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Articles which need translation[edit]

A master category has been created to list the various articles which need translation. It is Category:Translation needed.

Old business[edit]

So far stuff from elsewhere is just dropped here. Needs to be cleaned up and organized.

Sidebar : language contextualization[edit]

If the menus were being generated using MediaWiki:Sidebar: A language-selection menu is only available (as special:preferences) once the user logs in. I don't see a way to put this on the home page. It will change the displayed text for individual sidebar items on a per-user basis. It does not change the destination page for these links. As it operates per-user (not per-page), it won't change text displayed to anon-IP users. If MediaWiki:Sidebar lists "portal-url|portal" setting MediaWiki:portal/fr to be "commuauté" would cause the name to display as such in the menu.
This site appears to be doing something non-standard - perhaps changing the menus by editing the skin itself in the source files instead of changing MediaWiki:Sidebar? Switch skin preferences to "standard" and the menu items for that user change back to the defaults. This may mean that those files would need to be edited again to make any change to menus here. --Carlb 09:37, 10 June 2006 (EDT)
Thanks Carlb. I'm not a programmer. For me, it seems not trivial to make such a change. Pehraps one day we could suggest to drop some small tiny flags in the navigation box. We have time. And there is still a lot of work on the Bienvenue page -- Christophe Ducamp |