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All aboard the
WikiTourBus !!

The WikiTourBus is a special free tour bus which takes a number of coach tours around the wikisphere. The TourBus project was an idea created at MeatballWiki as a way of linking up like-minded wiki folk with their like-minded wiki sites in a community building initiative. Like all good bus tours, the places where the bus stops is important.

The Bus Management crew at Meatball oversee the TourBus project, discuss existing and new routes and stops, produce a simple 'how to' guide for making connections, and publish the TourBusMap which details a list of (nearly) all of the bus routes and stops. Each TourBus route is unique, and its bus driver is key to the smooth running of the bus tour and its stops. Any wikis who are not part of the WikiTourBus project, but whom have a desire to join, can post a request at WikisInNeedForBusConnections. Wikis may either join just one TourBus route, or many.

Some commentators have suggested that the WikiTourBus is merely a WebRing for wiki. Whilst the TourBus concept may appear to be similar to a WebRing, the TourBus project is unique in that it is a more inclusive project of mutual co-operation – one where wikis on the TourBus scheme actively encourage readers to take a trip from their own wiki and look at other similar wikis. It is important that all wikis on the TourBus project actively encourage and maintain mutual links and activity between other wikis on their bus route; those who don't may be asked to leave the TourBus project. :(