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MediaWiki consulting

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Main topic: Wiki company
Founded by: Yaron Koren (founder)
Owner / CEO: Owner and/or CEO
(owner and/or CEO)
Engine: MediaWiki
Company topic: Enterprise
Status: Active

WikiWorks is a consulting wiki company dedicated exclusively to MediaWiki implementation, formed in 2009, that implements MediaWiki solutions for clients large and small.

Yaron Koren, our founder, is a long-established MediaWiki programmer, and is one of the key developers of so-called 'Enterprise MediaWiki'. On the WikiWorks staff, we also have other MediaWiki developers, and people with significant experience implementing MediaWiki solutions.

At WikiWorks, we can handle any and all aspects of creating a wiki site, from installing MediaWiki and any necessary extensions, to creating a skin and logo, to designing the data structure, to providing ongoing technical support, to doing custom development, to providing tutorials on wiki usage, to giving tips on how to increase usage and visibility of your wiki. If you hire us, one or more consultants will be assigned to your project, based on the nature of the work; our consultants generally work remotely.

WikiWorks makes extensive use of Cargo, Semantic MediaWiki, and Page Forms on its 'Enterprise MediaWiki' services.

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