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Wiki Gender

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Founded by: ADEF, Goethe Institute Cairo, and other individuals
Status: Active
Language: Multilingual
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Main topic: Gender
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(As of: 2021-07-13)

Wiki Gender (ar: ويكي الجندر) is a collaborative feminist platform that works on producing knowledge on gender, feminism, and women-related issues in Arabic language; and curating and storing other Arabic productions in these fields, be it written or multimedia content. Additionally, we translate into Arabic selections of texts and academic papers covering the topics of gender and feminism. Lastly, we discuss and boldly experiment with Arabic language terms and grammar in order to create and promote a more gender inclusive and accessible modern Arabic.

Wiki Gender was launched in December 2016 with the support of the Goethe Institute in Cairo, and in collaboration with the Arab Digital Expression Foundation (ADEF). It provides open content, and promotes the production of open knowledge in this field by all those interested. Over time, the project grew into a regional one, with three content writing and editing groups in Egypt, Lebanon, and Tunisia.

The wiki's work is cumulative and ever evolving, and it is largely based on the voluntary contributions of individuals who are passionate about research and writing on gender, feminism, as well as other issues affecting women.

We are interested in content that covers gender and feminism: from concepts, terminology, expressions, and used jargon; to films, songs, and visual arts; to people, incidents and cases, as well as campaigns and the organisations behind them.

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  • This wiki has a great feature: its sidebar contains permanent links to targeted indices, identified by 14 visual icons that mirror the same major indices on its wiki main page.
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