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Wiki Man Code


Men have certain expectations of other men. Some of these are spoken, but most remain unspoken. Our goal is to document these expectations in a specific and understandable way. This should eliminate confusion and facilitate communication among men.


Standard Creepiness Rule[edit]

No man shall date under (Age / 2 + 7).

Man Touch[edit]

If man A touches man B in the crotch or buttocks, whether accidental or on purpose, man B is required to punch man A in the face.


Urinate Standing[edit]

A man shall urinate standing up unless also dropping logs. The ability to stand upright is what separates man from ape. To urinate in any other position is primitive. Flinging feces is also frowned upon.


Princess is an ideal nickname for use in emasculation. Almost any female name will also suffice, though ladies' names typical of the '40s and '50s are ideal. Examples include Mary, Barbara, Patricia, Carol, Judith, Betty, Nancy, Maria, Margaret, and Linda.