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The main page (usually default stylised Main page) of a wiki is the first page (or 'front page') that users see when they visit the main URL of a wiki site. Typically (though not always), it can contain items such as a featured article, an in the news list, a did you know? (DYK?) list, an on this day list, and a featured image. It also usually contains some basic, fundamental information about the wiki itself, such as its primary topic or aims. Additionally, it may also have a section with links to other language versions of the same wiki (known as 'interlanguage links'), and also links to 'sister' projects, such as a commons wiki, meta wiki, etc.

Some wiki sites will change the default 'Main page' name into something different. In the case of this WikiIndex wiki, we personalise our main page and call it Welcome. Other sites, especially on commercial hosts such as Wikia will rename the main page to the actual title of the individual wiki site.

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