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A square image with a graduated pale brown background, containing the words 'Please Upload Logo' in black text. Fandom, Inc.
Main topic: Wiki company
Founded by: Jimmy Wales
Angela Beesley
Owner / CEO: TPG Capital
Engine: MediaWiki
Company topic: Fandom
Status: Active

Wikia, Inc., now Fandom, Inc., is a company registered and incorporated in the State of Delaware, United States of America (corporate number C2935209). Its registered office is at 130 Sutter Street, 4th Floor, San Francisco County, State of California 94104, United States of America.[1]

Founded 18 October 2004 as Wikicities by American internet entrepreneur Jimmy 'Jimbo' Wales (who had previously founded Wikipedia), and his then British business partner Angela Beesley (now known as Angela Starling).[2] It operates the largest MediaWiki-powered wiki farm, known as Wikia from March 2006 (as Wikia, Inc.), and Fandom from late 2016 (as Fandom, Inc.).

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