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Community aka
Wikia Community Communication Project

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Founded by: Pluckey
Status: Dead
Language: English
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Wiki engine: Wikia
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Main topic: Wikia
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The Wikia Community Communication Project, also known merely as Community, a Wikia lifestyle wiki, was an attempt to find better ways for communities to interact, to share information – to communicate. Ideally, this would lead to the identification or discovery of a model (a group of principles or structures) that could scale to fit a particular size community (say, a campus or a neighborhood or a city and so on).

Imagine trying to solve a community problem and being able to tie into the most appropriate, effective, and efficient modes of communication you need: whether printed newsletters and flyers, video and television, web and email, facilitated group meetings, radio and telephone, personal contact, and so on.

Imagine developing a comprehensive, or unified, way for our communities to communicate: to communify who we are, where we are.

While there are several pieces already available and some already in use, the puzzle still hasn't been pieced together into a comprehensive picture. It is exactly that picture we seek. The slogan I return to again and again is "Our community is content-rich, but distribution-poor".

This wiki has been offline since late 2015.

'Community wiki' includes any of the following wiki sites (view / edit)
  • CommunityWiki — an original multilingual community wiki 'jam site', powered by Oddmuse, now invitation-only;
  • Community Wiki ( — a former project to help parents and professionals deal with disabled and/or troubled children;
  • Pentaho Community Wiki — the original wiki for Pentaho, powered by Confluence from Atlassian;
  • Wiki community — WikiIndex article page about a network of co-operating wikis on related subjects; to help promote membership and co-operation between wikis;
  • Wikia Community Central — a series of forums in many different languages for discussing all aspects of Wikia;
  • Wikia Community Communication — the Community Communication Project was an attempt to find better ways for communities to interact, to share information, to communicate.