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Status: Dead
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Main topic: Beer
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(As of: 2006-05-18 –

Wikibeer was a wiki site to collect all the information about local, regional and international beer, with an off-focus on the various breweries and brewpubs around the world.

Welcome to This site was born out of a need to see a community-maintained site dedicated to the art and trivia of beer, mostly the commercial microbreweries. There are so many beer-opinion sites on the web already, but none focused on collecting and sorting all the interesting factoids about beer. Some of the questions this site hopes to answer are: 'What are the oldest brewreies', 'What's the most common microbrewery style?', 'Where's the largest concentration of microbreweries?' 'How did Abita Turbodog get it's name?' As with all wikis, anyone can walk up and add information. Since it's community maintained, it's not uncommon for one person to add a bunch of facts, and another person to come back and reformat the information to be more consistent. So, browse all you want, and add what you know. Knowledge is power, and beer knowledge is beer power, and there's nothing better than beer power.

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